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  • TestersTestified

    Supporting a platform to bring professionals on-board, share experiences and spread ideas about Testing and Quality Assurance!

    We don’t keep things to ourselves, what we know and care about should be known to everybody with a factor of 10! So we can provide opportunities to professionals who wish to speak out and let the world know about their talents.

    In comes TestersTestified (@testtified) a hangout whose sole objective is to conduct events and labs so as to enhance the abilities of the professionals.

  • Software Testing

    Well, tell us what’s bugging you and we will help you make it go away (Technically Speaking)

    In this murky and unpredictable world the challenges for testing and delivering the right products to the customer has become a challenge. Testers are always short of time and they need to find “Important” bugs within the same time frame and quickly. Requirements and specifications are all leaky abstractions, so the test managers and leads have to generate realistic plans in order to define the right coverage and taking care of the Cost and value of the project. The most important factor in testing becomes the “Human” tester with their abilities to use the right skill and the right tools.

    What Outtabox can deliver in this press for time situation is the right results with the right custom made testing methodology which suits your organization and clients’ needs.

    Heuristics Test Strategy Model

    To let you know how would we go about it and what model or discipline we will follow, let us introduce you to something which is considered as a blessing for the testing profession; “The Heuristics Test Strategy Model” or commonly known as HTSM.

    Why HTSM?

    Well, as we said before, the scarcity of time, resources and technology makes testing and delivering the right products to the customers has become a challenge, and as wild bunch of testers and IT enthusiasts we are gladly accepting this challenge.

    What HTSM does is to provide a model of heuristics and oracles to define:

    1. The project environment and its challenges
    2. The Coverage on the Product itself
    3. Helps define the right quality Criteria
    4. Assist Testers in identifying the right testing techniques

    And eventually results are formed up in to the “Perceived” quality at the very start of the project or whenever you bought that product with that fancy picture in your mind.

    So let’s cut to the chase and let us enlighten you with how we are going to test that problem of yours;

    Functional Testing

    We will test what your product can do?

    We will apply right skills and set of tools to determine the “various” things that your product can do and also the capability of those problematic functions, that whether they are really capable of doing it? And then comes the real testing of the each of the identified functions.

    Domain Testing

    We know it sounds a little aggressive, but to know the realities behind a working application we need to see what type of data it is processing. Now, the world we live in comprise of several domains, and each domain serves a different type of data. Consider the differences between the data on “Twitter” and the data on “Facebook” – you will get what we are talking about here.

    As the testers of your product, we will see what does the product process as data, and then decide upon which set of data to be tested under what contexts and conditions – remember, the Murky world!

    There are several ways to go about it like boundary values, invalid values, the best representatives, and even the garbage!

    Flow Testing

    Creating a sequence of test which will be performed one after another in order to check the integrity of the system processes and data relations.

    These tests contain multiple activities which are carried out on depended processes. To carry out this effectively we create certain system state models and then perform the test runs.

    Scenario Testing

    Usually while encountering interesting bugs, the fault does not lies within the functions or the logic, instead it is within the user’s actions. So the testing eventually becomes investigation. To capture these unexpected bugs we work around with several interesting stories and then put them in the system.

    Because we shot in a gray foggy area, so we use cross reference stories and then move along the functions as a user would move on. It’s really interesting but very detailed.

     Claims Testing

    Each product comes with a claim about what it does and how good it is in doing so. These claims are either being put forwarded by determined marketers or sometimes the developers themselves. Its good, because that shows ownership, but, for a tester it becomes kind of a challenge to test and verify these claims;

    So what we do?

    We identify any reference materials that include claims about the product even SLAs, EULAs, advertisements, specifications, help text, and manuals, etc. which then we Analyze as individual claims, and also clarify the vague claims.

    User Testing

    Users are the biggest source of information we have; so why not do testing while involving the users

    What we do is that we identify different user categories and their respective roles. Then we determine what each category of user will do (use cases), how they will do it, and what they value.

    In order to do this we may acquire real user data, or bring real users in to test. On the other hand we might systematically simulate a user

    Risk Testing

    Without sounding “Dangerous”, we imagine what problems can happen from normal to worst conditions to a system and then start looking for those with the existing system

    Systems are like Volcanoes, they sit quietly and even present best of their looks, but sometimes the worst happens; so what we do is that we identify what kinds of problems could the product have? And which kinds of these will matter most? We then make a list of interesting problems and design tests specifically to reveal them.

    Automated Testing, actually checking!

    Automation does not work independently, it needs scripted guidance and human interaction to work, for this, one or combination of the one or more of the above testing techniques is required.

    We then generate regression, smoke and sanity testing scripts for your system in order to perform those vital checks prior launching a release, or initiating a deployment cycle.

    We can use a combination of tools and techniques to perform automation, such as we would use different tools for Performance and Security testing and different for regression, smoke or GUI based testing.

  • Training and Development

    Trainings and solutions with an out-of-the-box thinking !

    We have a diversified range of trainings and workshops to cater for your needs. Our trainings are not done in traditional manner and you may not be carrying a lot of papered material to keep in your shelves – yet you will be carrying that sense of achievement, motivation and desire to re learn more! You would know what you have to do when you go to your job the other day!

    We don’t stand and speak and tell you about the bulleted points – we play around, do exercises, show videos and make you have a fun ride – so you and your team can learn and then implement that learning.

  • Consultation – Diagnostics and Solutions

    Real diagnosis for real solutions that works!

    When a team of astronauts is sent into the space to diagnose and fix a problem in a satellite, they are not told that if you cannot fix the problem you shall come back, pick up the right equipment and then we will send you back again! They are bound to the time and cost!

    We consider solutions on the same level, so we keep our company within the experts – whatever the problems we hear from our clients we have the expert and his sidekicks to diagnose those issues and then provide them with the right solutions, in so many words – “We care for your time and cost!”

  • Software Development

    Web, mobile, social apps, you name it, we deliver it!

    Well, if we can diagnose it then we can always build it! So why not have your solution build with a wild coverage to your problems and have your company and team image enhanced to an extreme level!

    From bulls eye customized solutions, web sites, mobile apps or maintenance of an existing solutions we can deliver the right thing to your doorstep.


  • people2

    Without people a place cannot exist! It will be an empty space of machines and dark aroma of abandoned workspace. But once people are in they become the life line. To make that life line tick, a good company always keeps them Motivated and trained. We can deliver the solutions regarding people as per your boxed requirements so you can go about a worriless business owner or a responsible resource to your home – with a smile that today was a good day for my employees and team mates!

  • products2

    To run a business it is not a hidden secret that you are selling a tangible product or a service. But what you really not know is that how good that product is? Because creating and selling a product aside, the main objective to do the latter right, is to know about achieving that perceived quality! OuttaBox specializes in evaluating your products and services with the use of practical coverage models such as HTSM and then we will let you know what can be done to get the right image of your product in eyes of your customer.

  • process2

    There are three main factors or symptoms which sound alarms to the management when something is not right to within the system, and thence the quality which is required has become a deviated target; these factors are Resources, Time and Money! In either abnormal phenomenon the process which these factors are involved in needs to be corrected or re-engineered. Outtabox deliver expertise to have your process reinvestigated, identify loopholes and then re-engineer them for you to make out best of your resources.

  • promotion2

    Something is not selling right? People don’t seem to look at your product, or there are too many complaints? Well, you have come to the right place; we will fix it for you! And then promote the right noise to the places where it needs to be heard!

  • technology2

    So people suddenly started talking about the “Cloud” and we were caught by surprise that what the hell is this thing? But that is just the trend shouting in your ear! Most people go for this trap and fall behind actually. By Technology we do not mean to make everyone in your company wear gadgets and start dancing with tabs in their hands, what we will do is to come in, evaluate your working environment and then see what Quality of Techs you need so you and your company can move forward.