JSST – Feb2015


February 28, 2015



Faiza Yousuf
0303 9137811


IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development

KU Circular Road, Karachi, Sind 75270 Pakistan
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Jump Start to Software Testing

For the Generation Next!

This workshop serves 2 purposes:

- To Enhance the Careers of the Fresh Graduates and professionals who wish to learn software testing and do good in their next Interview.
- To help out students in their senior years with their FYPs and let them know how to test their projects and find important bugs, manage groups, coordinate, and finally present it.



- We will also teach you to use the tracking tool, mind mapping, test case development and report writing.
- We will also let you know how to initiate testing on any application under any time frame and conditions, and start hunting those bugs down.
- We will let you know your abilities in true form as a tester and computer professionals. So that you can sit with confidence in your next interview and go about your careers.


That is why we say with confidence that Jump Start to Software Testing is a practical context driven testing workshop for Students, Fresh Graduates, and Enthusiastic professionals who wish to establish their careers as Excellent Software Testers and Quality Assurance Professionals!

Our Expectations:


We don’t want to waste your time and money, and we expect the same from your side. Products are becoming alive and responsive; they are now delivered on a high speed with a rapid delivery. So, as testers we need to know the exact strategy to pin point the issues and deliver results to the adjacent teams.
We love to see you make notes and have them scanned and tweeted about. We expect you to understand the value of time and cost while determining the effectiveness of your testing skills.


The Exercises:

To be true, we will not cut you any slack! We will let you into the exercises the moment you walk into that Lab. So get ready to be open, explicit and charged with ideas and opinions, because if you cannot work out on your communication senses then you cannot work out on them ever.

We will provide you with simple puzzles, small mock programs, physical objects and then an application which you will not only test, but report its bugs and put up your investigation with reasons.

You will know how to explore, investigate and then report about a system. You would be able to tell the story of your discoveries and you will present this with reason to the instructor and the class.



Students: 3000 PKR

Professionals: 4000 PKR

10% Group Discount on a group of 3 or more students/professionals.

(Includes training Material, CDs, Certificates, Lunch and Coffee, etc.)

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