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OuttaBox Tester – Aug2014

August 16, 2014 @ 9:00 am - August 17, 2014 @ 6:00 pm


Workshop Introduction:

Why OuttaBox Tester?

When we were discussing the ideas about launching Outta Box Tester workshop and how can we design and create a Software Testing Class which is not only informative but also comes out with a result oriented approach;

We don’t want to bore you to the bones with long lectures and bulleted points and then make you write them down one after another like you did that in the school. We also, don’t want to waste your precious two days out of a weekend and make you tired and all washed up. In fact, we will make those 2 days (around 18) hours in total, into a grand slam, roller coaster ride with learning and re-learning all around the contours. Yes, there will be a base presentation, which will take you through the training, but that is actually the real game board on which you will play along with your co participants and sometimes yourselves.

Day 1 is all about being that tester and how testing is done; You will have rigorous exercises, puzzles and questions to let your brains work out the problems; You will also come across in finding out the real talent in yourself; We shall address you and your testing abilities in terms of:

Concept Cleansing; Asking questions is good, but why not be on the other side of it as well; we will make sure that right at the start that we bring you out (and your mind) into clear waters. We will cleanse your concepts and definitions regarding, Testing, Testers, Quality, Quality Assurance and those mingled up concepts regarding the Software testing life cycle and the Testing types;

– Your Identity as a tester; mark our words, we will make sure that by the end of that session you will be totally aware of your abilities and skills as a tester, and what can make you stand out. For Team Leaders, this will provide them the right Key Point Indicators for the identification of the right resources for the right testing jobs;

– Documentation and Reporting; indeed a very important area and for some of us it is a very tedious aspect of Software Testing, yet it needs to be done, otherwise it is like leaving a dance right in the middle and let the people having fun of yourself. Do not worry, we will teach you using simple exercises about UML and Test Casing; We will provide you with physical objects which you can feel in your hands and then describe about them as your test items;

– Bug hunting; Oh yeah, if you are a tester and does not know how to hunt those bugs, man you are so much in the wrong place at the wrong time! Lectures? No! Exercises? Yes! This will also mark the end of the day 1, and you will come out as a confident tester who knows how to hunt bugs! You will be given a system and then just like doing a test drive; you will hunt down those potentially important bugs and apply your skills to find all of them! It will be a time bound situation, so brace yourself with some tight pressure at the end of that day 1 – don’t say that we did not warn you!

Day 2 will be all about becoming that all in one guru of testing. So, if you are a team lead, or an enthusiastic professional, this day will bring about the best in you as the Test strategist, an effective team member, a test manager and above all an Exploratory Tester!

The ultimate Exploration; we will give you the in-depth look into the art of exploratory testing. But then let’s not turn that into a boring lecture shall we? Fasten your seatbelts as right from the start you will be on your feet, doing exercises to develop test strategies and the right coverage;

– Heuristics and Oracles; Exploration is independent, but it is not done blindly. The key to the right exploration comes with the use of Oracles and Heuristics. We will let you develop your own heuristics and let you use them on the given test system; Addressing areas like “Project Environment” or the People focused Quality Criteria or distributing the product into the right elements for the coverage, we will teach you all with focused workshops on live systems;

– Automated Checking and How it helps in Testing; We will let you know the importance of Test Automation, and how it helps out a tester; we will provide you the concepts of different roles in this process and let you know how new definition of Testing and Checking have taken over the current scene in Testing;

This workshop addresses the concepts and frameworks of context driven software testing as taught by James Bach, Michael Bolton and Cem Kaner; it will have references the teaching material used in Rapid Software Testing Class and the references from various conferences and articles which happens around the year. So there is not the issue of out dated or expired information.

For detailed course outline, please visit:


Payments are only acceptable through Cheque in the name of “Chairman CS & IT”.
Venue: Computer Lab CS&IT Department, NED University of Engineering & Technology.


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August 16, 2014 @ 9:00 am
August 17, 2014 @ 6:00 pm


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