On Saturday May 24th 2014, OuttaBox and TestersTestified conducted the first Testers Meetup in Karachi. Around 30 software testers and even software engineers from around 20 companies attended the session.

The event was held at TheDotZero, a superb startup incubator for budding companies and even individuals with hard hitting ideas.

The speaker line-up was from Pakistan and then there were two online sessions with Santhosh Tuppad (Founder at Stealth Mode Startup) and Lalitkumar Bhamare (Editor in chief of Tea Time with Testers).

The topics were chosen carefully in order to make the audience understand the right concepts of Context Driven Testing, their placement in the software testing community, testing in an agile environment and how security testing is done.

The sessions started off with Arslan Ali welcoming and giving the very reason that why this meetup is so important. He emphasized on the goal of conducting a fully fledged Software Testing Conference in Pakistan in mid 2015, with international presence, laying the foundation of “TestersTestified” as the conference title.


Then, the podium was with Faiza Yousuf, who elaborated about OuttaBox and how it will work its way through the Pakistan and International ICT, Trainings and Software Testing Communities; what it can do and what it is planning to do in the future; She said that ‘There is no silver bullet’ for the problems we face now in the software industry, we need to take the difficult track and reach the solutions in the real manner, rather bragging about it. She also spoke about why Context is important and laid down the plans of how OuttaBox is working its way through the academia and industry to reach the right audience and the clients.


Arslan Ali then spoke about “Testing and Checking”, and represented the key concepts cleansing arguments laid down by Michael Bolton, Iain McCowatt and James Bach. The session lead to an open house discussion, and Arslan was joined in by Ahmed Mubbashir. The questions let the audience open up with their current problems and how they are managing testing processes at their ends (with or without resources).


It was then Santhosh Took the stage via online linkup. Santhosh spoke about “Security Testing – nurturing that hacker in you”, and not only that he took the session from physically breaking someone’s password to the online techniques a tester can use to determine the loopholes in a system. He did two consecutive exercises with the audience, where they need to guess the password and login names; well the audience did the first one, and Santhosh kept the upper hand in the other. It was fun and a great learning experience at the same time, and this was all done while enjoying the lunch and drinks at the same time.


On the next level of the meetup was the session by Asim Kazmi about ‘Agile Testing’ methodologies, and how from the Agile manifesto, to the practical implementation of the agile processes the team can succeed in solving the day to day problems. Asim talked about the four testing quadrants of agile testing and how a company can adapt these in their processes.
Lalit Bhamare joined in right after Asim, and talked about three “Cs” that changed his life as a tester. He mentioned three mentors from whom he learned about those three Cs (AST India meetup), Keith Klain for Curiosity, Pradeep Soundararajan for Courage and Smita Mishra for Conviction. He also told the audience that how Tea Time with Testers emerged out to be one of the most read online testing magazine. Audience were shown an inspirational video of Tea Time with Testers at the end of the session. Lalit also mentioned that how the work of Gerald Weinberg, James Bach, Michael Bolton and other experts in industry has helped him get on the path he is walking today. There was special mention for Dr. Meeta Prakash as his best companion in TTwT venture.


And that was it, 4 hours of experience sharing, inspirations, talks, networking and food! It was a fire that has lit up and will be passed along, the future of testing in Pakistan is becoming brighter and brighter every single day, it is because of these individuals and passionate souls that the professionals of Pakistan are now getting recognition on international level!


Arslan Ali is a Software Testing and Training professional; he serves his passion at OuttaBox (www.outtabox.co) as a Training Consultant for various software testing workshops, and also works as a Senior Consultant Information Solutions at Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates – a renowned software solution provided in Pakistan.

Arslan has been around ICT industry past 15 years and have diverse experience in Software Development, Quality Assurance and Business Process implementation.

You can reach him out on twitter @arslan0644.

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