We have been conducting workshops for testers past 2 years now. Have tried many versions, some of these were merely 2 hour sessions, others been carried out for 2 days. In all these sessions, we tried to engage testers in many forms and ways so that they can learn and deliver the results at their workplace.

Recently, when Faiza told me about conducting a workshop for testers at The Nest i/o Karachi, I was a bit intimated with the fact that it was a different approach we were trying, and after discussion with Jehan Ara (the big bird at the Nest i/o) we came to the conclusion that this would be a fast paced workshop, with “bring your own device” option.

Testers are always pressed for time, they need to identify important bugs, communicate with their adjacent teams and then have to tell a compelling story for their findings. For this we customized our workshop to deliver what was required. A pressured, time bounded, no hold barred session which makes the participants feel more interactive in participation and the work they have to carry out.

4 hours! Yup, we did it in 4 hours with 3 exercises and learning as well.

We were happy to see testers coming from all sect of industry, including Students. It was a mixed gathering of experienced and fresh professionals who were all eager to ask questions, answer them and let us think more on our content and delivery of the presentations.

The session was divided into 3 sections; first was about the definitions and concept cleansing which most of the people would understand and then come up on the same page, before the ride starts. Then we included the Psychological and Contextual side of testing. Within this, we incepted questions and challenges to boggle their minds.

Our focus was on grooming or discovering the day to day skills they need to carry out their work. We focused on communications and descriptions.

On the testing side, we presented them with challenging exercises which were done on their own machines. While having the tea and coffee break they were discussing about how to crack open that application we gave them. It was pretty exciting!

In the last phase we took them to a level above with value to their testing and how they can put in quality to their work. We provided them with a simple user interface challenge and out of that they learn about the real value a client seeks out.

We ended the workshop with certificate distribution and thank you note, came back to our place and made changes to what we think will improve this further, because we do it every time – that’s how we evolve.

It was a great experience for us, and soon we will be coming back to the Nest for more!

Ciao and regards

Arslan and Faiza

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