Tell me who do you “Like” better? You in your physical form or the one which is on the internet?

10 years ago…the world has gone global…hence there is no use of discussing how we need to project ourselves globally and how important that is for our professional and social lives. The Fact of today is that we have now entered the age of Human Networking. Whether it is “Social” or “Professional” if you are not part of it, you are not living at all! At least that’s what all the nerds are saying these days :-)

The Virtual Human:
Coming to the Human part of networking, every passing day people are taking their physical lives and appearances and making them “Virtual” either by a social network site or a professional networking site. This means, that we are actually shifting the complete human psychology, social behavior, relationships, attitudes and professional experiences on a parallel medium – with a projection capability of global nature!

Where am I getting at?
It is somewhat bizarre, but I found this phenomenon somewhat ironic of having a physical existence, with all its fundamentals and then projecting it on the Internet with around 3 degrees of separation added. This means, whatever you say in your life (Physically) shall depend on the physical presence of other humans and the medium you are using (beside computer) around you to hear and then spread about. But, on the Internet, this goes to x3 of your connections without even trying!

So what is more convenient? No…Let me put it this way; What is more complicated?

A Hard Hitting Truth:
By now we live in a world where reaching and connecting other people have become a simple fact of life. But, the picture is not that much simple…here are some professionally thrilling readings ;-)

So putting yourself on line and socially connected doesn’t mean that you have changed the way you are and what you are!

Language Shift:
The way I am seeing it, the things are now changing, so we need to adapt accordingly. Our lives are getting virtual every day, and so is our way of speaking, writing, and communicating with other human beings. There is a complete “Language Shift” that has occurred in past decade. See how we talk? We now speak an entirely new language which is not your mother tongue but a mixture of two to three languages. For English speaking world the words and phrases are getting smaller and smaller. The speed of expression is becoming faster and faster.

Hence the weight of our physical existence is actually reducing in comparison to our logical existence. The latter is now us!

Dangerous Mix:
Professionally speaking, we all are up for sale, one way or another. If on a Social Network you wish to have more “LIKES” on your comment or a picture or even a video, on the other hand on a Professional Network it is more important that you are noticed for your professional expertise, comments and who has recommended you – BUT - please, never make the mistake of mixing the two together. It is like wearing Bathroom Slippers and going for an interview!
Writing and Communication Skills – not just for an SQA but for everyone!

I have came across such use of “Text” and “Language” so many time while taking part in discussions on LinkedIn that it feels like “offensive”, “Casual” and “Out of the Line”.

Especially in case of asking questions or enquiring about “Posted Jobs”, people are not taking care of what they are writing and how they are posing it with the use of “Grammar, Punctuations and Exclamation Marks”. (Especially Fresh Resources / Youngsters)
What I am observing that people, specially youngsters who spend most of their time on Mobile or Social Sites, tends to use the same “Language”, “Notations” and “Attitude” while communicating over professional sites such as this one.

What they don’t realize, that they are all here “UP FOR SALE”, and a lot of companies and HR professionals are viewing, searching and looking over their profiles on daily basis. However, with just one use of wrong word or attitude full sentence they could easily loose an opportunity.

…and the catch is….with at least 3 degrees of separation, their comments can be viewed by “Connections x 3″ number of people around LinkedIn…

So please take care…and think before what you write and who you address


Everyone is now agreeing on this issue that we need to monitor what we are saying, how we are saying it and to whom we are saying it.


Arslan Ali is a Software Testing and Training professional; he serves his passion at OuttaBox ( as a Training Consultant for various software testing workshops, and also works as a Senior Consultant Information Solutions at Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates – a renowned software solution provided in Pakistan.

Arslan has been around ICT industry past 15 years and have diverse experience in Software Development, Quality Assurance and Business Process implementation.

You can reach him out on twitter @arslan0644.

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